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At Bucher we pride ourselves on our ability to introduce the very latest technology and equipment to the market. We’ve provided an incredible portfolio of machinery to a worldwide customer base – sectors including agricultural machinery, municipal vehicles, hydraulic components and manufacturing equipment. And it is with this portfolio that we create milestones for the industry.

Since the 1800s we’ve introduced specialist machinery, hydraulics, belt conveyors and precise dosage systems to the market. Drawing on the technology from Bucher Municipal’s machinery, we have created the Bucher Cosmix: a mobile batching unit unlike any you’ve seen before.

With its unrivalled technology, regardless of the project or application, the Cosmix offers the ultimate ease of use. Measuring, mixing and pouring has never been so accurate or high quality.

The control system can store over 50 formulas, which gives excellent mix accuracy. The system comes complete with an on-board printer, a wireless control box, USB port and GPS tracking.

The Cosmix has many automated features throughout, from the variable speed conveyor to the automated flow control gates. It all ensures your concrete mix is produced to the highest standard. Not just one time, but every time.

What is Cosmix?

The Bucher Cosmix is a mobile batching unit like no other. By combining the ability to drive wherever you want, with batching on the spot, the possibilities are virtually limitless. 

Most concrete today is manufactured in a batch plant and delivered in a transit mixer. The concrete has a limited lifespan between batching, mixing and curing, which means after introducing water to the cement and aggregate mixture, the trucks have 60-90 minutes to lay the concrete.

Instead of wet concrete being delivered onsite ready mixed, and the time limit ticking ever closer, the Cosmix can drive to your site and mix just the right amount of concrete, to the exact specification of your client’s project.

Gone are the days when you would have to return to the batching plant between deliveries. If you have a large site, in the city centre for example, you can store material directly inside the Cosmix at the construction site, avoiding downtime during the day to transport material. Fill your storage during the evening and you can work virtually 24/7.

Switching between mix designs onsite enables you to order minimum quantities, which will ultimately save your client money.

The technology offers countless benefits to both your final customer and the owner of the machine.

How does it work?

The Cosmix is simple to use.

Sand, stone and cement are loaded into a specifically manufactured hopper, with two lateral water tanks with a capacity of 2400L for production and cleaning.

Once onsite, the operator only needs to choose the rate of production and quality required for the job in hand. Then you are ready to pour.

Thanks to its software system, the Cosmix’s variable speed conveyor and automated flow control gates will ensure the correct amount of sand and stone is delivered to the mix.

Finally, the aggregates will be joined by the required cement, chemical, fibre or powder additives in the high-speed mixing auger to create your specific mix.

With a camera and more than 20 wireless remote functions, the operator has the freedom to control the machine while driving or stationary in a suitable location whilst onsite.

Profitability Profitability
Low maintenance cost Low maintenance cost
Easy to manage Easy to manage
Zero waste Zero waste
Eco-friendly Eco-friendly
Use of recycled product Use of recycled product
No need to set up No need to set up