Bucher Municipal launch Cosmix

8th February 2019
Bucher Municipal launch Cosmix

Bucher Municipal, a division of Bucher Industries, is a leading manufacturer of municipal vehicles. Their range of spreaders, snowploughs and road sweeping equipment offers a single source solution to municipalities, road authorities and contractors all around the world, for all areas of winter maintenance.

Bucher Municipal strengthened their market offering with the acquisition of Giletta Spa, a second-generation family run organisation manufacturing winter maintenance equipment. Led by Enzo and Guido Giletta, they have specialised in winter machinery for over fifty years. The head office lies at the foot of the Italian Alps.

The winter business is seasonal so they wanted to find a product offering that would not depend on seasonality. And so, the Bucher Cosmix was born, closely linked to the technology of their spreader line of machinery.

The Bucher Cosmix boasts many features that give it great flexibility. It can be used for applications ranging from pipeline and infrastructure, to general contracting, precast, backfill and paving.

The main advantage is the mobile batching capability. Standard concrete mixers have a limited time, two hours maximum, to arrive on site and deliver the concrete before it sets. This is no longer the case with the Cosmix. The product can be mixed and poured on site, meaning the concrete is always fresh, maximising site efficiency.

The Cosmix has the additional benefit of producing zero waste. The concrete is mixed on demand so any amount can be poured at any time. The user only pays for the materials they use – no more estimating how much concrete a job will require.

Already a compact machine, ideal for applications in busy city centres, the Cosmix can also be mounted onto different vehicles such as trucks, trailers or railway flat cars. This gives unprecedented access to those hard to reach locations.

The Bucher Cosmix branding was led by UK-based B2B marketing agency, Armstrong. The project also included the creation of the ‘You choose the setting’ campaign, a state-of-the-art 3D animation teaser trailer, and a features and benefits video filmed in Italy.