Cosmix contains all our know-how and the most modern technologies developed in the 70 years of our history.

With more than tens of thousands of units manufactured over the decades, we always build our equipment with the same passion, innovative instinct and the continuous challenge of anticipating the needs of our customers.


Bucher Municipal is a company built on strong heritage. As a division of Bucher Industries, Bucher Municipal is a leading manufacturer of municipal vehicles. Our range encompasses sweepers and sewer cleaning equipment, as well as winter maintenance, vehicles for refuse collection and construction equipment.

Adding the Bucher Cosmix has broadened our product offering. This ensures that we stay ahead of industry trends so that we can continue to offer our customers the very best.



Bucher Municipal develops and produces machinery and systems which combine long service life with high energy efficiency. This is all part of our commitment to using natural resources responsibly.

Sustainable product range

Striving towards sustainability, in the widest sense, is part of our strategy for optimising our products and is a matter of competitiveness. These quality features are an expression of our corporate philosophy. Our products are characterised by long service lives and high energy efficiency. At the end of their working lives, these vehicles are virtually 100% recyclable.

Bucher Cosmix

Combined with its onsite mixing capabilities, which means a customer only has to pay for what they use, the Cosmix produces zero waste.

And because the Cosmix is a mobile batching unit, you’ll avoid making numerous journeys to and from the stationary batching plant. This means less emissions which results in a greener production process.

To read more about Bucher’s sustainability goals, visit: www.buchermunicipal.com/en/sustainability