The Bucher Cosmix is virtually without limits. Regardless of the project or application, the vehicle’s unrivalled technology is what makes it universal. Measuring, mixing and pouring with previously unseen accuracy.

Oil and Gas Pipeline

With our technology, short loads and remote locations are no issue. The Bucher Cosmix keeps the aggregates and water separate, so you can start mixing on-site. No matter how long the road is, your concrete will always be fresh.

General Contracting

Increase your job capacity with the Bucher Cosmix. Batch, measure, mix and pour with exactly the right mix and amount required. For small or large quantities, the Cosmix enables you to be in control. Keep the unit on site and start and stop production at any time, with no compromise.

Backfill and Infrastructure

The Cosmix is perfect for creating a specific and consistent concrete mix suitable for backfilling trenches, water and sewer pipeline networks and foundations. The excavated soil can be recycled back into the concrete mixture, reducing the need for virgin material. The Cosmix can also supply quality concrete for infrastructure works such as bridges, tunnels and optical fibre.


We understand that the mix for your precast concrete always needs to be accurate and high quality. Making sure your admixture is dosed to your precise specifications, and is thoroughly mixed, is critical. The Bucher Cosmix can do just that. And you can make several different mixes using the same unit and aggregates, so you won’t be wasting time waiting for a different batch to be delivered before you can start work.

Road Construction Works

The Cosmix helps you build and repair cities and countries quickly and effectively, without causing too much disruption to traffic. With the technology included, the Cosmix meets all the requirements for city projects, including infrastructure, curbs, sidewalks, highways and street repair. These applications all require fast, reliable and maximum strength concrete.


We understand that not all projects require large quantities. Many construction jobs are small, but not unimportant. That’s why the Bucher Cosmix is the perfect companion for any paving job. With the Cosmix, you can stop and start the concrete’s flow, leaving your crew to pour the concrete and to finish with little to no downtime.

Railway Construction and Maintenance

Rail construction projects, for trains, subways and tramways, often present contractors with key challenges, meaning efficiency is critical to a project’s success. As the Cosmix can be mounted to a flat rail car and transported via railway lines, this unit enables swift onsite production at even the most remote and difficult to reach locations.

Sensitive Areas

At sensitive areas such as military, mining, airports and nuclear sites, thorough security checks are needed before letting any vehicle onsite. With the Cosmix, this is not a problem. The aggregates and water are kept separate so you can start mixing fresh concrete as soon as the mix is delivered. This maximises efficiency and solves the key issues in these areas.

Mounting Options

The Bucher Cosmix can be mounted on to many different vehicles ready to be transported or fixed to a site.

Since each Cosmix machine is made to order, Bucher can also provide a machine that is built to your precise needs. This is especially useful if you want to use an existing base machine to fix the Cosmix unit.

Truck with PTO
The truck with PTO mounting option means the Cosmix is mounted onto a truck and requires power from the truck’s engine.
Truck with auxiliary engine
The Cosmix can be mounted onto a truck with auxiliary engine. Cosmix takes its power from an independent auxiliary engine located behind the truck’s cab.
The Bucher Cosmix can be mounted onto any new or old chassis, cab or trailer which is auxiliary powered. When it is trailer mounted, this means that the unit can be stationary and left on-site as a batching plant.
Railway flat car
A mounting option with an auxiliary engine, rail mounted units enable the Cosmix to travel by rail and enables efficient completion of rail projects.
Hook lift
A hook lift is an attachment on a truck powered by an auxiliary engine. It enables the unit to be mounted and dismounted quickly and easily from the truck’s chassis.

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