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The benefits of Cosmix are almost as limitless as the mixer itself. Whilst some may find one main attribute more useful than another, it is the whole combined package that makes this machine stand out on the market today.


Adaptable and versatile, the Cosmix can be fitted to a semi-trailer, hook lift and railway flat car. When you’re on the road, it’s unlimited by distance or time because the product is mixed when it gets to your site. This makes it ideal for remote destinations, or cities with a high volume of unpredictable traffic.

Any time

With the Cosmix, you’re no longer reliant on the cement plant being open. This is a machine that works to your 24/7 schedule, and it’s not weather dependent. This is pure efficiency – the concrete is produced when it arrives on site, to the amount you need and with an unlimited production.

Any amount

This is a world of zero waste – your customer gets exactly what they pay for, to the exact specification of the project. The Cosmix can produce concrete at a rate of 50m3 per hour and has a maximum load capacity of 18 tonnes. You’re free to pour any amount, but one thing is set in stone: the concrete is mixed on demand so it’s always fresh.

Any grade

The Cosmix’s versatility means you can create different grades of concrete from the same load. It is also fitted with liquid, powder and fibre additive systems. Just imagine the possibilities and speed of execution from one mixer.

Mounting Options

The Bucher Cosmix can be mounted on to many different vehicles ready to be transported or fixed to a site.

Since each Cosmix machine is made to order, Bucher can also provide a machine that is built to your precise needs. This is especially useful if you want to use an existing base machine to fix the Cosmix unit.

Truck with PTO
The truck with PTO mounting option means the Cosmix is mounted onto a truck and requires power from the truck’s engine.
Truck with auxiliary engine
The Cosmix can be mounted onto a truck with auxiliary engine. Cosmix takes its power from an independent auxiliary engine located behind the truck’s cab.
The Bucher Cosmix can be mounted onto any new or old chassis, cab or trailer which is auxiliary powered. When it is trailer mounted, this means that the unit can be stationary and left on-site as a batching plant.
Railway flat car
A mounting option with an auxiliary engine, rail mounted units enable the Cosmix to travel by rail and enables efficient completion of rail projects.
Hook lift
A hook lift is an attachment on a truck powered by an auxiliary engine. It enables the unit to be mounted and dismounted quickly and easily from the truck’s chassis.

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Rate of production image
Rate of production
Mix auger length image
Mix auger length
Mix auger diameter image
Mix auger diameter
Solid capacity of cement image
Solid capacity of cement
Total capacity of aggregates image
Total capacity of aggregates
Capacity of water image
Capacity of water

Product specification

Technical Data 
Aggregate hopper (filled to the top) 9m³
Aggregate hopper (dome capacity)11m³
Water capacity 2,400L
Liquid additive capacity2 x 30L

Données Techniques

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